A very great big welcome to...

... all the friends of Daniel Newman (or Dan the Man) who died on 29th April 2007.

It is lovely to see that people still come back to see Dan. Hope you are all well wherever you are.

Thanks for visiting.


On Dan's birhtday 2007, we bought  this tree as a reminder of Dan. Gill and the girls picked it out specially at a garden centre. They felt the wonderfully un-tidy but original and creative look of the tree perfectly represented Dan. Hope you like it.
Last year we planted the tree in the garden of the new house and this is a photo of it in situ.It is a corkscrew hazel.
You can
click here to see a full size picture



We recently had one of Dan's stained glass windows made up by a stained glass window artist. It catches the morning light and we can eat our breakfast under the lovely colours.You can take a better look at it on the Stained Glass Window page.



dan & dylanDan was loved by so many people and this website is for all of you to share your memories of him.  We would love to see any stories, texts, pictures and/or films that you might have of Dan and, if you don't mind, we'd also like to publish some of them on this website.  Please also use the Guestbook to leave any immediate comments and I'll publish them as soon as I get the chance.

As many of you must know, Dan was an extraordinary human being who didn't have a bad word to say about anybody.  Almost everyone he met immediately liked him no matter what their age or background.

                                                                                        Dan & his nephew Dylan

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